Official Podcast Launch!!!

Introducing Conversations with Canaries:
An American Canary Podcast

by: Lindsay Newman

If American Canary Co-founders Katie and Bird had met in person, they would have closed down any local watering hole; seated at a corner table, deep in conversation about the complexity of human nature, the tenets of quality education, and the foundations of a democratic society. Instead, I introduced them via Zoom, on the assumption that their boundless curiosity and deep seeded passion would be mutually beneficial for the impact of American Canary. This timely collaboration resulted in an effortless fusion of intellect, creativity, and community. Our weekly check-ins, group text messages, and ad-hoc conversations became so enlightening, so intriguing and perceptive, I felt like I shouldn’t be the only one listening in. We also wanted to expand how we could share out with others, beyond the written word, while also exploring how we as individuals can harness conversation as a corrective social mechanism – arguably the best tool we have to work through the problems we face as a society.

So we made a podcast! With the hopes of creating an opportunity to invite you in, to listen to the conversation that we have with each other and so often in our own heads, and to be a would-be fly on the corner-table wall. I hope that you come away from this experience/experiment as stirred, inspired, and perhaps even puzzled, as I so often do. Enjoy.

episode 1

Education, Media Literacy, and Democracy

Where Do We Fit In?

This is the first episode in our Conversations with Canaries podcast series. Join American Canary Co-founders and educators Professor Bridget Haina and Dr. Katherine Baxter in a conversation about the relationships among education, democracy, and media literacy in the United States, moderated by our third Co-founder, Lindsay Newman. 

Future episodes will continue exploring similar issues from different angles, bringing a variety of voices to bear on these important issues that will shape our world for decades to come. Listen, learn, and please join the conversation.

Intro Composition & Engineering by – John Lindsay

actions to take

Reflect how education, media literacy and democracy impact your life.

Choose one (or more) of these topics and start a conversation with someone on or off-line.

questions to consider

What has your media and technology education been like?

Do you feel as literate as you could be?

How civically engaged are you outside of election time?

How empowered are you to participate within democracy to create change in your own life?


Building Citizenship Skills through Media Literacy Education

Check out our Reflection Page to learn more about Media Literacy & Democracy

4 thoughts on “Official Podcast Launch!!!

  1. Dave Vause

    Thank you for your contribution. I think that one of the reasons for our current sociopolitical situation is that it was planned. There is a component in the electorate that is actively opposed to clear, informed thinking: witness Texas’ ban on critical thinking courses in schools and 1987 repeal of the Fairness Doctrine.

    I am looking forward to your next podcast. Thank you for your positive contribution to the Net.

  2. Lorri Freitas

    I appreciate this thoughtful dialogue, such an important topic – thank you. I would be very interested in a follow up podcast exploring the rural/urban rift as it relates to education and ideas on what needs to change. Looking forward to more from the Canaries.


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