Critical Consumption

self reflection exercise:

How critical are you of the influence media has on your everyday experience?

One of the main components of becoming a media literate digital citizen is understanding and reflecting upon how we use the media in our daily lives and, in turn, how the media is impacting us on a daily basis.

Using a critical and intraspective¬†lens to examine the impact media is having on us each day — on our emotional well-being, on what we come to view as true or false, on how we view our role in society and our responsibilities towards others — is all part of the process of not letting ourselves get swept away by the currents of media we are swimming in each day.

Bringing this critical lens with you as you navigate your personal media landscape each day is just as important as being conscious of the fact that you are being influenced by it.

To better understand which media you should engage with, which media you should avoid, and how to develop healthy media habits, ask yourself the following questions:

What media makes me happy/productive/thoughtful? What makes me sad/angry/distracted?

What are the boundaries you could put in place to increase positive engagement and decrease negative reactivity? 

How can you build simple routines and habits into your day that help you use media in the way you intend to?

As you go about your day, try to take a moment and reflect.

Whether you choose to write your response here or…

Converse with another human

go for a walk

talk to your dog

put it on paper

consider it quietly

draw it out

write a song

put motion to your thoughts

drink some whiskey with a friend.

Take one step towards becoming more aware of the digital forces impacting your life.

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